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International Yoga Day
  • Event Date: 21-Jun-2022
  • Updated On: 21-Jun-2022
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Description: "Yoga is the gateway of happiness that body needs in daily life. "The International Yoga Day 2022 theme "YOGA FOR HUMANITY" perfectly portrays how during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, yoga served the humanity in reducing suffering. Even now in the post Covid scenario yoga can play a major role in bringing people together with compassion,kindness,build resilience among people and foster a sense of unity, stay strong and be strong to face the tough time. The school initiated Mass Yoga for students and teachers in the pursuit to build up immunity on 21st June. The Yoga session included warm up exercises,pranayam,asanas,meditation etc. The benefits were also narrated with the promise that regular yoga will be practiced by all to remain fit and improve competitions.