Principal’s Message

Lucknow Public School is a dedicated, innovative and highly motivated bearing community.

It is indeed a matter of great honour and immense pleasure in leading the LPS, Eldeco branch of the highly regarded institution which is known for its reputation and commitment towards the inclusiveness of the all round development of children.

We in LPS hold a firm view that every child is an invaluable asset for the society and for the nation as a whole. We as academic sculptors carve out the best potentials and values in our students so that their contributed should be laudable and significant in every field of their career.

Expectations for our students are high. We strive that every girl and boy can experience success and go on to graduate as a responsible, resilient and confident young adult, well prepared to take charge of their future and to become a production member of the community.

Our curriculum and pratices are consistently reviewed to ensure that we are following the most updated best practices, meeting and addressing the future needs of our students and staff members.

As the school principal, I am ultimately responsible for the learning, safety and emotional growth of my students and teachers. Only by working with every part of the community can I meet this responsibility and provide the best possible education for all my students.

It will be my tireless endeavour, being the chief contributor to motivate my team members in the right spirit and with an honest intentions to help them do their job with utmost sincerity and unwavering integrity.

Ms. Chhavi Sinha


Lucknow Public School,
Eldeco, Lucknow (U.P.)